1 Corinthians 12:14-26

For the body does not consist of one member but of many. If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body. And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body.  If the whole body were an eye, where would be the hearing? If the whole body were an ear, where would be the sense of smell?  But as it is, God arranged the organs in the body, each one of them, as he chose.  If all were a single organ, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.  The eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you,” nor again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.” On the contrary, the parts of the body which seem to be weaker are indispensable, and those parts of the body which we think less honorable we invest with the greater honor, and our unpresentable parts are treated with greater modesty, which our more presentable parts do not require. But God has so composed the body, giving the greater honor to the inferior part, that there may be no discord in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.”

I have yet to come across a group of believers that do not have a division within their midst, or wish that a particular person would leave because they create strife.  I am most certainly guilty of this thinking for at one time I was going to leave due to the pettiness and divisions that I saw within our church (ecclesia).

However, when I spoke to friends who belong to other Christian faiths it became quite apparent that they too were experiencing the same issues I was.  I find the above scripture very sobering because we need to look at ourselves as a whole and try to work with all the members in our midst.  Our church is a small microcosm of the world with many different personalities.  Instead of judging others we need to look at what lesson WE can learn and how WE can maintain a Christ-like attitude.  Let us remember to have the same care for each other, to embrace one another, to suffer with those who are suffering and to rejoice with those members who are honored, as Paul says.

May we not forget that we are ALL made in God’s image and that should compel us to love and care for those of the household of faith, as God and Christ do for us.

God bless,


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