Are you currently in high school and looking to gain some of your required volunteer hours? Get involved in some aspect of church life: get both your hours and serve God in His vineyard in the process!

Join the BODY BUILDING team and help us create a buzz  that draws people to the house of God.

We are always looking for new & creative ways to help build up our members and draw in visitors who want  to be part of the dynamic family of our wondrous God. So please keep your great ideas coming!

If you want to be part of the excitement that is stirring...get involved by talking to:
Bro. Scott Murray, Sis. Ingrid Davis, Sis. Barb Smith

MY SPACE is the where children (aged 0-9) grow, play,  interact and learn about their loving Heavenly Father.

MY SPACE is always looking for volunteers to help.  If you love children and feel God has called you to serve,  then MY SPACE is a great opportunity to get involved in  the planting of an eternal seed in a child’s life.

Presently, MY SPACE is looking for donations of: • lego • bean bag chairs  • snap lid storage cases •craft supplies  • dress up clothes
If you would like to donate any funds to help invest  directly in our little ones and MY SPACE please speak  to one of the BODY BUILDERS named above.

THE ZONE is where Jr. High and Highschoolers hang out  in the house of God. From Band Jam to Road Hockey,  from video games and free WiFi to Rock Climbing,  THE ZONE offers kids the opportunity to have fun while growing together in friendship & fellowship under the  leadership of great Christian mentors.

THE ZONE is always looking for volunteers. If you want  to get involved or become a Christian mentor in a young person’s life, then THE ZONE is a great way to get  involved in God’s vineyard. Join today and get working on the building up of God’s Young People.

THE ZONE is presently looking for donations of: • video game systems • musical instruments • bean bag chairs • comfy chairs • a flat screen tv (wall mounted) • board games